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Hello! My name is Isabela. Thank You for visiting my web site!


For as long as I can remember, I've always loved animals. Because of this passion, I was studying The Breeding Animals at the Agricultural Academy in Krakow, with a specialization in Breeding Horses. My passion for horses grows on this ground. I appreciate any experience with horses so my story won’t be short.

Let me briefly outline my achievements here.

I always enjoyed taking part in all possible things connected to horses-  breeding shows, veterinary inspections, all sorts of shows- jumping, endurance, dressage.


My story with horses began in 1998. As I’m an ambitious person, I found the best place to start- quite prestigious riding club in Krakow. I started with beginners and progressed across higher levels, until I arrived at the individual level. I spent two years riding there, and later I returned for some professional jumping and dressage lessons.


When I was in High School I had to be self-supporting in the matter of horse riding so I began to help in some stables around place where I lived. I have nice memories from Ponies Stud and Riding club, where I spent almost 2 years devoting my weekends, free days, and even some weekdays. I took care of horses in all aspects; I got some confidence during shows and pony game organized there. At my first show, I came in 2nd place for jumping, and for next (specific competition for Hucul ponies- something like trekking with endurance) I placed in 1st place. At my second show I finished in 1st place- it was trekking.



Next “horse-place” in my life was a farm-tourism situated in the beautiful Polish country side, which is mountainous and picturesque. At the beginning it was only a small farm with some horses, only grazing and not being used for anything. I started breaking in and riding on the horses there. Soon after, a new idea came to me, and that was to make this into a farm tourism location - a great place for people to ride horses! So I prepared horses for people and helped with all the organization.



In the mean time I was asked to start with a young gelding at a show. He was a 4 year old and inexperienced Arabian horse, and this was his first show. I prepared him, and we were a little scared and nervous, but everything went well and we finished in 3rd place at the jumping competition. It was great because he competed against more experienced horses, and still managed to do very well.

From this time my interest in show-jumping became very serious. I found the best trainer I’ve ever know, he had great learning methods and good results. I spent a lot of time training and I’ve learn a lot about steady balance in jumping, working with show-jumping horse etc.

In 2003 I finished a course for instructors approved by The Ministry of Education and Sport.
Teaching people how to ride is what I like to do. Straight after the course I haven’t got opportunity to work in a Riding School but I could lead out rides in a stable, where I had 10 horses which were strictly my responsibility.



During my education I had student training gap at University for 5 months. I went to Ireland, and worked at Castleforbes Stud- great private yard where Jessica Kurten sometimes jumps a few horses. I worked with some fantastic horses. I also traveled to competitions as a show-jumping groom, and helped with preparing horses, and so I was able to observe and learn. I also had some work with mares in foal and mares with foals, general care.



After my trip abroad and during my studies I finally got an instructor job in Riding Club with 7 horses. I loved my work and teaching people. I loved seeing how my help improves the abilities of both the people and the horses. Also I had opportunity to ride and school younger horses.



Holidays I spent working at farm Hermanns-Hof on the Lake Land in Poland. It was a genuine pleasure to work with great horses there. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to improve driving skills. 
Just before my holidays ended again I found myself in Ireland, this time in Cong Co. Mayo. I helped at the Ashford Equestrian Centre (on the grounds of Ashford Castle). I led “horse-tours” around the beautiful area around the Ashford Castle for clients passing the time with stories of the historic site. My stay here was a great experience and overall time!



Another job during last year of studying was an instructor position in a small riding club with a well known reputation in schooling. At this location I had under my care riders of various levels, whom I taught on level appropriate horses. The lessons had a very original character based on the limited number of horses.

At the same time, I found a beautiful place where both horses and their riders can come to gain beautiful and memorable experiences. It’s situated in an area I’d found myself breathtaking, full of forests and hills. Here I had the pleasure of coming with friends to ride the trails.



Then the time to finish my education came. My master work was about breeding Friesian horses in Poland, it was a statistic. I was visiting breeders in Poland, I prepared questionnaires and collected information. I chose this topic because it was unique work about Fresian horses in Poland, and these horses have great characteristic. I could also meet people and places, discuss, travel etc. And it was my beginning with never-ending story with Friesian horses.



But my first work wasn’t with Friesian horses. This time I found work in a small, privately owned stable in one of the most beautiful parts of England – Gloucestershire. I had the opportunity to become better acquainted with an unknown to me by then aspect of dressage. Under my care I had two Grand Prix horses. It turned out that my abilities are such that I was able to ride on both of these towers. I learned a lot from these two very well trained horses. This was a very shaping experience, very useful for my friesian-passion.



After my return from England and the defense of my Master’s work on the subject of Frisian horses, I had the luck of finding work with these horses! Below Krakow,  in a small private stable I looked after 4 Friesians – from the cleaning of the stable stemming all the way to riding the horses and keeping them in order. Here I seriously began my adventure with natural methods in working with horses; I was also able to practically use my knowledge of breeding which I had gained at university.

After my first work with this magnificent horses I found out the knowledge about them is very small in our country. I started to help people with breeding Friesian horses, introduce them to this difficult subject. I also built my next web site devoted to this breed. I visited The Netherlands couple of times, saw a lot of stables, horses, events, breeding shows and meet great people. This gives me more strength and knowledge. Later I also started to help with buying and selling good quality Friesian horses.


I also had a great opportunity to help with running one of the best Friesian stud in Poland. I took care of horses, I made breeding plans, I trained horses and carry on stud web site. I can call it manager work once again. I’m still helping there from time to time as well as I write some articles to magazine devoted to Friesian breed run by them.



In the summertime 2009 I’ve joined the course about Friesian horses organized by KFPS in The Netherlands. During one week we had a lot of theoretical and practical lessons, we spent time in several well known stables and we learned from the best teachers about Friesian breed, judging Friesian horses, training, breeding, some veterinary aspects. It was very nice experience which gave me new knowledge and more confidence, the course was finished with an exam which I of course passed and obtained a diploma.


In 2009 besides all other activities I decided to come to The Netherlands for a little bit longer than a few days. For 2 months I’ve intensively learned everything about breeding Friesian horses including embryo transfer in a big breeding stud. I also took care of horses, mares with foals, attended all veterinarian visits, trained few young Friesian stallions. During this wonderful time I could also come to regional keurings, broaden my knowledge and practical skills about judging horses.

After this full of experiences year I helped to prepare several Friesian horses for the inspection in Poland. As a result of combined forces of the owners and my knowledge, horses obtained very good scores at the Inspections: one Ster mare who became an overal Champion, she also won the IBOP test with amazing 81 points and the biggest success was obtaining the first Crown title in Poland by a mare I've sold and strongly believed she can make it!


Currently, I continue to further my knowledge in the field of Frisian horses, and I would also like the opportunity to work in a reputable stable in Holland or other country.

Thank you for reading my story, I really hope you enjoyed it!