Stallions news


Welcome to new stallions in the KFPS: Alke, Alwin & Wolfert and goodbye to Tietse 428!


During the autumn research three stallions got the breeding permission. Nicely built, sporty, handsome stallions with interesting bloodline: Alke van 't Kemke (Fabe 348 x Jakob 302), stallion coming from Gerke 220 line, Alwin B.L. (Felle 422 x Tsjerk 328) and Yorick v.d. Giesenbos (Felle 422 x Jakob 302) young looking one who hopefully will further develop.
In addition the results of the offspring testing for stallions Gjalt, Hinne, Jerke, Tietse and Tsjabring  were announced. Unfortunately Tietse 428 wasn’t good enough to get the permanent breeding permission, the curtain falled also for Tsjabring. The best results achieved Onne son Jerke 434.