Spectacular Show

The last weekend of October was devoted to Central Inspection in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. 5000 spectacors enjoyed Anniversary Show prepared for 130 th anniversary of KFPS. Mare Trudi (Wikke x Lolke) was crowned overall Champion!

It was the biggest performance ever, it illustrated Friesian horse history from the beginning, in Holland and across the whole world! Even Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Beatrix, attended the evening anniversary show on Saturday. Every single ticket was sold out and over 5 thousand spectators came to see this amazing event!

Inspection of the friesian horses started on Friday and come along at Saturday with record entries of 220 horses! As the result of the inspection 64 mares got the preliminary Crown status, 14 permanent Crown title, 12 preliminary Model and 2 permanent Model title. The championship was preceded by various class championships: Yara van Kreterenhof (Onne x Karst) was chosen as the champion of the young mares with Amalia van de Wisselplaats (Mintse x Gerryt) as the reserve. Champion title for the 3 year olds went to Trudi (Wikke x Lolke) and Tini van Stal van der Horst (Arjen x Leffert) was reserve. The championship ribbon for the 4 year and older mares went for Model mare Feikje van de Slothoeve (Teunis x Olof) with Judith fan ’t Legemar (Onne x Nykle) as the reserve.

At the end of the day judges choose for youth. Trudi (Wikke x Lolke) was crowned an overall Champion and Yara van Kreterenhof (Onne x Karst) was reserve.

Friday was traditionally the sport day - almost 60 young dressage horses and 18 show drivers compete in a group of 300 combinations. In a group of stallions and geldings Nielson van Kippenburg (Andries x Fetse) won. Among the mares, Marrit fan Hickaerd (Ulke x Anton) was the strongest.


Snapshots from Central Inspection:
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