Rypke 321


During a random testing of foals born in 2009, it was discovered at the end of last year that fraud had been committed in regard to the stud services of Rypke 321. By now, we know that some of the offspring born in previous years and registered as having been sired by Rypke 321 are not sired by this stallion either. For the KFPS, this is reason to verify the parentage of all horses foaled after May 1, 2003 that are registered as having been sired by Rypke 321.  These horses were sired after the stallion had suffered an injury to his sex organs.

Insofar as the owners of these horses could be traced, they have now been notified of this situation. Owners of Rypke’s offspring that are not registered as such with the KFPS are being asked to contact the KFPS. These horses can remain in the registers of the KFPS only if their parentage is verified. These owners will not incur any costs for this testing.

By now, this matter is being handled by the KFPS Disciplinary Committee. In addition, the attorney representing the owner of Rypke 321 is working on compensating the owners of horses that - as has been proven - not are sired by this stallion.