Renske came back!


This year the Chapion title for Friesian horses in Holland went to well known mare Renske van Diphoorn (Onne x Sierk), she received this title also 2 years ago. Two years old mare Amalia van de Wisselplaats (Mintse x Gerryt) was declared Reserve Champion. 

In the group of older mares Renske van Diphoorn won again, second was Model mare Jotine van de Olde Mette Moate (Nanning x Olof).

In the group of three years old mares the Champion title went to Wytske ut de Grachten (Beart x Tsjerk). Reserve Champion was Wiet van Visser (Haitse x Feitse) - both mares has got great stallion Jasper 366 as a grandsire.  

Amalia van de Wisselplaats (Mintse x Gerryt) became also a Youth Champion, so she has stepped up from last year Reserve Champion position. This year Amerens R.S. fan Top en Twel (Onne x Doeke) hold the secondo place.

11 mares were declared Model and 55 Crown, now most of them has to proof their quality at IBOP test.