Passports validity expired!

Concerning the new EU legislations, every passport has to be provided with a "medical treatment" section. Passports issued before 2004 (the ones with the yellow cover) do not have a "medical treatment" section. As you have been informed of more than once, these passports could be supplemented with a "medical treatment" insert sheet until June 30. If, for whatever reason, a passport was not supplemented with an insert sheet, its validity expired on July 1, 2009. This means that a new passport needs to be applied for from the agency that issues these passports. This involves submitting an "application form for original passport " along with the original passport that no longer satisfies the legislation now in force. The deadline for these submissions is December 31, 2009.

Inoculations and the use of medications have to be recorded in the passport by the veterinarian unless the horse keeper/owner has declared in the passport that the horse will not be slaughtered. This status can no longer be changed. Without this declaration, every horse is destined for slaughter.

The red passports issued after 2004 satisfy the new EU legislations.