Only two left

The spring stallion testing in Ermelo began with 5 stallions. First two left the testing because of poor trainability and strength: Thomas van de Sanning (Folkert x Pike) and Tiede van Coudenburgh (Tsjalke x Anton). Some time after Tide (Aan x Sierk) shared the same lot. Three stallions took an saddle test on 12th March 2010: Tieleman van de Zonschate (Onne x Feitse), Tymon fan Bloemhof (Beart x Ulke) and Urbanus van ‘t Soeskeshof (Doaitsen x Fetse). Tieleman was not good enough, Urbanus got 75,5 points and Tymon a half point more. So this two will continue the testing, on 10 April 2010 the harness exam is scheduled.