Only one new stallion

Tjalbert 460 is properly built, race typical stallion with interesting pedigree. After the the exams he received good scores and proved himself as a multipurpose horse. His pedigree might be a little bit controversial with inbreed over 8%, but on the other hand he presents great result of interesting breeding conception based on proven lines. Crossing Tjalbert with a lot of mares you got the lowest relationship within the population (around 10% or lower) and that's incredible!

Results of Tjalbert below: 


riding test

walk, trot, canter, clm, transitions, suitability, total
6.5- 7.0- 7.0- 7.0- 7.0- 7.0- 76.0

driving test

walk, trot, clm , transitions, willingness to work, suitability, total
6.5- 7.5- 7.5- 7.5- 7.0- 7.0- 78.5

showdriving test
posture, front legs, hind legs, moment of suspension,  willingness to work, suitability, total
7.0- 7.0- 7.0- 7.0- 7.5- 7.0- 78.0



Tjalbert 460



The other remaining stallion, Urbanus van 't Soeskeshof, even if he is a very beautiful and correct horse coming from great bloodlines, he failed on the saddle exam. His main stumbling block for being registered was the poor useage of his hind legs. He got 70 points for a driving test with only 5.5 point for walk.