Let's end this winter!


Everybody must have enough of this winter! Hopefully we are at the very end of it so let's sum up what happened in this cold months.


November 2012: KFPS added four stallions to its register: Aarnold 471 (Wikke 404 Sport x Jakob 302 Sport), Bartele 472 (Onne 376 Sport x Tsjerk 328P Sport),  Djoerd 473 (Jerke 434 Sport x Bonne 341) and Epke 474 (Beart 411 Sport x Anton 343 Sport). All four bring in size, good usage and interesting pedigrees.

December 2012: One of the best stallions in KFPS history passed away, Leffert 306 P. Leffert acquired Sport predicate in dressage, is of incalculable value to Friesian horse breeding, primarily through his sons Heinse 354, Onne 376, Mintse 384, Tsjalke 397 and Jesse 435. He also gave thirteen approved grandsons and three approved great-grandsons. 373 Offspring have the Ster predicate, 11 daughters are Model and no less than 30 daughters are now Preferent. Leffert made twice to Overall Stallion Champion. He left this world at age 26.

January 2013: Like last year  Norbert 444 won the title Overall Champion Stallion 2013. Tsjalle stepped up and claimed the reserve title. After an exciting battle between the older stallions, Beart 411 convincingly won the title Champion older stallions. His sire Jasper 366 showed that he still enjoys the appreciation of the audience and was the worthy reserve champion. In the group of younger stallions the result was identical as in the overall championship.

February 2013: Two stallions moved to another localizations. Uwe 458 (Beart 411 x Bonne 341) headed to France where he will have permission for breeding and Hedser 465 (Adel 357 x Ouke 313) got sold to USA.

March 2013: After the Central Research in the U.S. there are three newly approved stallions. 13 years old Alert 475 (Jasper 366 x Hearke 254), best scored in the USA Bene 476  (Doaitsen 420 x Leffert 306) and closely related to this year Reserve Champion Tsjalle 454, Date 477 (Mintse 384 x Tjitte 333).