KFPS Stallion Inspection

Centralny Przegląd Ogierów 2009

The annual KFPS Stallion Inspection will take place in 2010 in the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden on January 7, 8 and 9. The program starts on Thursday with the young stallions undergoing their second round of judging. The best of them will be presented again on Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, Friday morning will feature a wide array of clinics, and the Pavo KFPS Stallion Competition is scheduled for Thursday evening.


Just as last year, many clinics will be offered on Friday morning. Interesting clinics for both dressage fans and show cart fans. Breeding, of course, will also be addressed. Dressage clinics, a theory and hands-on lesson in judging and movement, and sports psychology are just a few of the subjects these clinics will handle. Most of the clinics will be given not only in Dutch but also in English or German so that our foreign members can follow along.

Friday evening is once again reserved for entertainment starring our Friesian horses. This year, you can enjoy a special show flown in from the USA with eight horses pulling a marathon wagon as well as a blood-curdling Roman battle. Also included in the program will be the parade of champions and a dressage routine choreographed to music. And this year, we will be also be devoting a lot of attention to show cart driving by including special show driving events. The show evening will start at around 7:00 p.m. Once again, you can look forward to an absolutely wonderful evening of entertainment.
True to tradition, the program for Saturday focuses on presenting all the approved KFPS studbook stallions to both the jury and spectators. You can then become acquainted with the newest crop of stallions: seven stallions have been approved with excellent ratings this year in the Netherlands. But you will also be seeing the older stallions in the judging ring.

Program Stallion show 2010

Thursday January 7

09.00 hrs         Second round of judging of young stallions

18.00 hrs         Final Pavo KFPS Stallion Competition

Friday January 8

09.00 hrs         meeting region other countries
10.15 hrs         meeting WFHO
11.30 hrs         clinic program
14.00 hrs         third round of judging of young stallions
17.00 hrs         auction of the stallion of the Friesian colt-raising project

19.00 hrs         show evening

Saturday January 9

09.00 hrs         Stallion Show, with all KFPS studbook stallions, including a few shows and the championship

English Interpretation of the KFPS Stallion Inspection 2010 Commentary
A simultaneous interpretation will be provided this year, for all 3 days, in order to make the Stallion Inspection even more attractive to foreign members. You can apply for this service using the form from the website of the KFPS. The deadline for applications is December 10  2010.