Great auction

At the beginning of October the second edition of elite „Swaeneven Select Sale” auction was held in The Nederlands. More than 40 great horses were auctioned off, total income from auction reached 814 300 €! The highest price was paid for top breeding stallion Weird 409 (Folkert x Reitse) 115 ooo €. Most expensive mare was Ster mare  Itske van de Klei (o. Teunis) sold for 32 000 €, 30 000 € was paid for Crown mare Rika fan Unia State (v. Wierd), 22 000 € for Ster mare Rinsje van Veenoord (v. Heinse). Model mare Aukje fan Fjildsicht (v. Fetse) reached 15 000 €. Most expensive filly was Eefke fan it Hiem (v. Norbert) sold for 10 500 €.