Autumn supprises

As a result of fall stallion testing 3 stallions met the expectations of the jury, the first sons of stallions Hinne, Arjen and Rindert. We can see judges choose for uniqueness, no more Beart's or Doaitsen’s at this time. The new stallions are a little bit different from last years very modern crop of stallions. Even if they're long lined, they are not so "modern" in type but the movement and sportablity meets the standarts.

Wimer 461 (Hinne x Heinse) is more „riding” type horse. Anyway all his results were stunning and above 80 points from each proof. He is the first approved son from first breeding year of the stallion Hinne. Mothers father is great stallion Heinse. Wimer has the lowest inbreeding coefficient from this group 17,2%. His great-grand dam is Vb mare. But still he is very interesting stallion with potential. He is standing at Henswoude.

Wytse 462 (Arjen x Oege) is the strongest stallion when speaking about conformation. He remains a bit old type Friesian but his movements and ability for riding and driving is as good as other sport type stallions. His pedigree is very interesting, especially his motherline with grand dam Rix Model Preferent. Wytse’s strongest point is walk! He is standing at Stallion Station Spannenburg.

Wylster 463 (Rindert x Rypke) is the highest stallion from this group measuring 166 cm at age three. He is half-brother to Haitse 425 through his dam, fantastic mare Jeldou Model Preferent. He showed himself best at showdriving and driving test but he has dressage potential as well. He will join Wimer at Henswoude.

Picturse here