1st viewing 2009

After first viewing of the young Friesian stallions 99 left from total 364 qualified for this year’s inspection. Beart 411 was the stallion that occurs most frequently followed by Doaitsen 420. Also we see a lot of interesting sons of less popular stallions which is good in the fight for lowering inbreeding in the population of Friesian horses. A lot of Beart’s, Rindert’s, Tsjalke’s, Hinne’s, Felle’s, Aan’s, Arjen’s i Time’s sons went through 1st round. Unfortunatelly offspring of the stallions Tsjerk, Folkert, Eibert, Olrik, Jakob, Olof, Wierd, Wikke, Sape, Brandus and a few more didn’t made it. Detailed results in the attachement.