Wikke 404


Wikke 404

Orginal name: Wibrik S.
Date of birth: 02.03.1999
Registered in: 2002 year.
Approved on offspring: 2007 year
Height: 1.65 m
Sire: Ritse 322
Dam: Annerichje T, 199211670, Ster
Damsire:  Gerlof 294
Stam: 107 (S-S-SP-S)
Inbreding: 2,73 %; 17,6%
Birth rate: 70%
White marks: 0,3% (2% allowed)
Approved sons: -
Dressage level: Z1

Breeder: L.A.H. Smolenaers, Grasdijk 7, 6031  PX  Nederweert
Owner: DRYAS B.V., Bosrand 15, 6741 DL Lunteren
Breeding fee: ~ 750 €
Breeding station: Hengstenhouderij en K.I. station M.J. Schreven, De Achterste Singel 20, 6002 ND Weert, Tel. 0495 521 472, Mobiel 06-203 990 84
Wikke, the only son of Reitse 322 is luxurious, strong built stallion with a beautiful silhouette, great attitude, nice front and very good movements. His best trait is character - friendly and willing to work with almost no stallion manners. He is nice to ride and competing in Z1 level.

Wikke’s pedigree is nice but we can’t find nothing special in there. He descendant from the biggest Tetmans stallion line. His motherline 107 is good with enough Ster mares percentage. After all he is a good stallion and we can find good, even great offspring by him - for example Trudi (Wikke x Lolke) Champion mare from 2009!

Wikke’s offspring are a group of breed typical horses with thick manes and deep black color. They’re usually built in a square, they present much front, vertical neck and very nice sloping shoulder. Upper line is also good, well shaped and with nice muscling. What is not nice in Wikke’s descendants - often short neck and short croup, also the legs conformation is not ideal (a little bit understanding in front and sickle - hocked in the back). But the quality of the legs is very good, they’re very dry. His offspring could be also more uphill. The movements are strong with high knee action, but lacks suspension and length of the front stride. Especially in trot horses rise of the front which makes them very proud looking. The canter is quite poor with lack of self carriage and balance. But in overall Wikke’s children are good multipurpose horses with nice character. 


W 7.0 - T 7.1 - C 7.0 - R 7.0 - D 7.5  - P 7.5 - S 6.0 - W 7.1  = 77.3
Walk-Trot-Canter-Riding-Driving-Pulling-Show-Willingness to Work-Character-Stall Behavior-Training Report=Total


Stb mares: 28
Stb Ster mares: 32 (53%)
Model mares: 0
Crown mares: 0
Geldings: 3
Ster geldings: 1
Approved offspring: 0
Vb Ster stallions: 11
Sport horses: 0


I premie: 30
II premie: 242
III premie: 189


Wikke 404

Breedings per year:

2008: 93
2007: 86
2006: 205
2005: 202
2004: 187
2003: 181
2002: 30
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