Pier 448


Orginal name: Reyndert
Datof birth: 14.04.2005
Registered in: 2008 
Approved on offspring: 2013
Height: 1.70 m
Sire: Beart 411 Sport
Dam: Jikke N, 198583130, Ster
Damsire: Aiso 279
Stam: 15 (S-StbP-Stb-S)
Inbreed: 2.54 %, 16.6%
Birth rate: ~ 77%
White marks: 7%
Abilities: dressage Z1

Breeder: C.J. van der Maden, Lage Zwaluwe, NL
Owner: Stoeterij Boszorg V.O.F., St. Anthonis, NL
Breeding fee: 850 €
Breding station: De Nieuwe Heuvel, Lunteren, NL, tel 0031 - 318 - 483284, www.denieuweheuvel.com

Pier 448 attracts with his massiveness and well balanced gaits, as well as interesting pedigree. He is well proportioned horse with high aptitude as a dressage horse. Pier is moving with enough freedom and rhythm, only his hind legs could be faster. As a driving horse he lacks a bit willingness to work and proper use of his front.

Judges found Pier’s pedigree quite interesting. Despite his broken motherline he descendant from very solid and old motherline 15. His grand sire Aiso died in young age so it makes his descentants even more valuable.

Foal report for Pier give a brief of imagination what we may expect from his offspring. Foals sired by Pier are well developed but because of a bit heavy frame and not enough expressive heads they don’t display expected trueness to breed. Necks and croups are sometimes too short and back might be a little bit weak. Front and loins are well developed. Movements of foals are more than sufficient, well balanced, with good action.


W 7.0 - T 8.0 - C 7.0 – SSF 8.0 - T 7.0 - R 7.0 - T 79.0 riding test
W 7.0 - T 7.0 – SSF 7.0 - T 7.0 - D 7.0 – D 7.0 - T 74.0 driving test
SSF 9    - S 7.0 - UF 7.0 -UH 7.0 - WW 7.0- SD 7.0 - T 79 show-driving test

W- walk, T- trot, C- canter, S- self carriage, TR- transitions, S- suspension, UF- use of the front legs, UH- use of the hind legs, WW- willigness to work,  R- riding, D- driving, SD- show driving, TS- total score


I premium: 27
II premium: 69
III premium: 40
no premium: -

Breedings per year:

2011: 136
2009: 179


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