Olrik 383

Olrik 383

Ogrinal name: Murk S.J.
Date of birth: 13. 04. 1996 
Registered in: 2001
Approved on offspring: 2005 
Height: 1.63 m
Sire: Jakob 302 Sport
Dam: Yfke S.J., 199118810, Ster
Damsire: Peke 268
Stam: 83 (S-S-S-S)
Inbreing: 1.76%; 16.3%
Birth rate: ~ 80%
White marks: 1.7% (allowed 4.6%)
Approved sons: -
Abilities: dressage Z2, driving Sport title

Breeder: S. Jansma, Donkerbroek, NL
Owner: B. Hofstee, Gorredijk, NL
Breeding fee: 800 €
Breeding station: Hengstenstation Marksate, De Leijen 89, 8401 BA Gorredijk, tel. 0031-513 46 21 08

Olrik 383


Olrik isn't an extraordinary stallion himself, but this doesn't mean he is not interesting! He achieved first premium only once in 2006, the same year he made Sport title. He is eager to work, honest stallion with very good movements (also canter!) and good usage of hind legs.

He has got very interesting pedigree, especialy because he is "Jochem free". At the moment this is a big advantage as too much stallions and mares has got Jochem blood in their lineage. Olrik descendants from Age and Ritske lines. He resembles his sire and damsire a lot - we can observe great sport abilities and eagerness to work after Jakob and great usage of the hind legs, noble head after Peke. And Olrik passes the same traits to his offspring. His motherline is nice too with consequent, good breeding values for movement and three other stallions (Gerlof 294, Remmelt 323, Tsjomme 329) coming out from this line.

Unfortunately Olrik is only used in a natural way of breeding as he refuses "working" with phantom.

Olriks descendants are not perfect horses when we consider conformation. Their often lacks height, they’re overbuilt with weak back and loins, sometimes with short neck, sloping croup and cow-legged. But they have nice head, head-neck connection and dry legs with good quality pasterns and hooves. Except conformation weaknesses we can count on very good movements that Olrik gives to his offspring. Especially trot and canter is good with high breeding values for this traits, both for free movement and under the saddle/in harness. His 20 kids assessed in 2005 got an average 72 points - good result. Also you can count on character with Olriks offspring - their are pretty much like father. The Ster percentage for this stallion is around 50%. He doesn't have approved son yet.

Breeding values:

Olrik 383


W 6.7 - T 7.1 - C 7.0 - R 7.1 - D 7.0 - P 7.0 - S 7.1 - W 7.0 = 76.8
Walk-Trot-Canter-Riding-Driving-Pulling-Show-Willingness to Work-Character-Stall Behavior-Training Report=Total

Offspring statistics:

Stb mares: 36
Ster mares: 31 (46.3%)
Model & Preferent mares: 0
Geldings: 1
Ster geldings: 6
Vb Ster stallions: 17
Offspring with Sport title: 1


I premie: 46
II premie: 171
III premie: 89

Breedings per year:

2001: 73
2002: 72
2003: 86
2004: 72
2005: 58
2006: 88
2007: 69
2008: 62
2009: 71

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