Olgert 445


Olgert 445

Orginal name: Olof
Date of birth: 19.03.2004 year
Registered in: 2008 year
Approved on offspring: 2012 year
Heighrt: 1.64 m
Sire: Ulke 338
Dam: Sjoukje E., 199702290, Ster
Dam sire:  Atse 342
Stam: 44 (S-MPP-S-S)
Inbreeding: 2.93 %, 17.2%
Birth rate: ~ 85%
White marks: 3,3% (4,1% allowed)!
Dressage level: M1

Breeder: J. van t Ende, Wezep, NL
Owner: E.A. Constant, Kwadijk, NL
Breeding fee: 1000 €
Breeding station: Stal Wijdewormer-Kwadijk, Kwadijk, NL, tel. 0031 - 299 - 439443

Olgert 445


Olgert 445 is very nice, race typical stallion with great abilities. He has got great predisposition as a harness horse but also he doesn’t lack dressage talent. He has three good basic gaits, great use of hind and front legs, good ability to change paces and he shows great suppleness. After his final evaluation in Ermelo in 2008 he got incredibly high scores for all disciplines (but one year later he was defeated by gorgeous Uldrik 457).

Olgert’s heritage mark him out to become very good harness stallion. His sire Ulke 338 Sport has much success in driving and his lineage is full of good harness horses. For example mare Lurkje, two times National Champion for harness horses! Also Olgert’s damline 44 is more famous on the field of driving. His grand dam is a famous mare Elbricht Model Preferent Prestatie!

So when we look at Olgert, we can surely notice his descendants traits, hopefully they are going to be passed on his offspring. First covering year gave Olgert 59% 1st and 2nd premie foals (moderate) with high scores especially for breed type. When we bred with Olgert we must remember he will not give much height and uphill built, but he will pass good movements and use of the legs (one thing which is not correct within the movement scores is correctness of the walk - he tends to toe-in). But for sure Olgert is an interesting stallion.


W 8.0 - T 7.5 - C 7.5 – SSF 7.0 - T 7.5 - R 7.5 - T 82.5 riding test
W 8.5 - T 9.0 – SSF 8.0 - T 8.0 - D 8.0 – D 9.0 - T 92.0 driving test
SSF 8    - S 8.0 - UF 8.5 -UH 9.0 - WW 8.0- SD 9.0 - T 90 showdriving test

W- walk, T- trot, C- canter, S- self carriage, TR- transitions, S- suspension, UF- use of the front legs, UH- use of the hind legs, WW- willigness to work,  R- riding, D- driving, SD- show driving, TS- total score



I premie: 5
II premie: 31
III premie: 25
no premie: 1

Breedings per year:

2009: 63
2008: 135
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