Norbert 444

Norbert 444

Orginal name: Norbert
Date of birth: 07.03.2004
Registered in: 2008 year
Approved on offspring: 2012 year
Height: 1.67 m
Sire: Tsjerk 328
Dam: Amalia-Annie, 199202080, Model Pref.
Damsire: Hearke 254 P.
Stam: 25 (MP-SP-S-SP)
Inbreeding: 2.93 %, 17.4%
Birth rate: ~ 85%
White marks: 0% (1,2% allowed)
Dressage level: L1

T. en J. van der Zee, St. Jacobiparochie, NL
Owner: T. en J. van der Zee, St. Jacobiparochie, NL
Breeding fee: ~ 950 €
Breeding station: Gebr. van Manen, Zuiderkade 41, 6718 PG Ede, Tel. 0031-318 51 33 71

Norbert 444

Norbert is race typical, modern stallion with noble head, beautifully shaped neck, uphill and rectangle body and fantastic movements. When he moves he has a good balance, suppleness and dynamic, but his hind legs could come under the body better (especially under the saddle).

Norbert’s pedigree is strong and full of predicates. His father is great Sport and Preferent stallion Tsjerk 328, by Feitse 293 Preferent. But in fact Norbert resembles his mother more - outstanding mare Ammalia Model and Preferent. She gave him better walk (what we may not expect from the fathers side), but unfortunately less effective usage of hind legs comes from this line too. But after all his mother is a fantastic sport horse with 88 points obtained at IBOP test. She was the Champion of the mares in 1996 and one year later the Vice Champion.

From Norbert’s offspring we can expect a lot. He was rated very high at the end of 2009 - best for the offspring’s type and built in his age group, on second place for built comparing with older stallions. He also passes a good movements! He gave 84% of 1e and 2e foals!!


W 6.5 - T 7.0 - C 7.0 – SSF 7.5 - TR 6.5 - R 7.0 - TS 76.5  riding test
W 6.0 - T 8.0 – SSF 7.5 - TR 7.5 - D 7.5 – D 7.5 - TS 80.5  driving test
SSF 8 - S 7.5 - UF 7.5 - UH 8 - WW 7.5 - SD 8 - TS 85  show driving test


W- walk, T- trot, C- canter, S- self carriage, TR- transitions, S- suspension, UF- use of the front legs, UH- use of the hind legs, WW- willigness to work,  R- riding, D- driving, SD- show driving, TS- total score



I premia: 24
II premia: 58
III premia: 14

Breedings per year:

2009: 184
2008: 181
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