Lolke 371

Lolke 371

Orginal name: Kasper
Date of birth: 30.06.1995 year
Registered in: 1999 year
Approved on offspring: 2003 year
Height: 1.66 cm
Sire: Oege 267 Pref.
Dam: Zwaantje F., 199118670, Ster
Damsire: Reitse 272 Pref.
Stam: 15 (S-S-SP-MP)
Inbreeding: 5.47 %
Birth rate: 75%
White marks: 0.9%
Approved sons: Felle 422
Breeder: P.L. Folkertsma, Pingjum
Owner: G. Bowman, Hume, Virginia, USA
Breeding fee: ~1750$

Breeding station: Lolke 371 LLC Stallion Station , 6448 Partridge Lane, Royal Oak, Maryland, USA, Tel. 410-745-2423

Lolke 371

Beautiful, modern stallion with typical Friesian characteristics. He was sold to USA after few successful years in the Netherlands

Lolke is a tall, impressive stallion.  He has a noble head, long neck, uphill conformation, long forearm and an exceptional walk. He is very good under the saddle (Lolke has been awarded the prestigious Sport Predicate) as well as in a carriage.

Lolke is the last son of a Friesian legend:  Oege 267 Preferent, known as the hairiest Friesian. His grandsire is also a Preferent stallion Wessel 237. Lolke dam's sire, Reitse 272 Preferent, is the son of well known, great stallion Hearke 254 Preferent (sire: Mark Preferent!). Lolke descendants from Stam 15, one of the biggest. From the same mare line stallions such as Adel 357, Tsjalke 397 came from. Lolke's breeder is the same as Anton's 343.

The development of Lolke's offspring is sufficient. The foals are of good type and have good lines. They also build uphill, have long croups and the all-important long forearm. Their movement is very good, especially walk is long and powerful. One of the Lolke's offspring disadvantages is poor quality of the legs and joints as well as not a great balance and suppleness in movement.

Lolke is a father of several outstanding horses such as approved stallion Felle 422, Champion 1st premie Ster mare Dirkje Dopey or V-ce Champion filly Umanda. 


W 7.0 - T 7.0 - C 6.5 - R 6.5 - D 7.0 - P 7.0 - S 7.0 - C 8.0 - B 8.5 - TR 8.0 = 72.5
Walk-Trot-Canter-Riding-Driving-Pulling-Show-Willingness to Work-Character-Stall Behavior-Training Report=Total

Offspring statistics:

STB Mares: 119
STB Ster Mares: 65 (36%)
Crown mares: 1
Geldings: 9
Ster geldings: 5
Approved stallions: 1
Vb Ster stallions: 12


I premie: 53
II premie: 354
III premie: 277

Lolke 371

Breedings per year:

2007: 124
2006: 153
2005: 269
2004: 206
2003: 146
2002: 145
2001: 163
2000: 152
1999: 75

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