Stallion Show 2010

2010 Champion - gorgeous Uldrik 457 (Dries 421 x Tsjerk 328P), son of recently approved on offspring of Dries 421. Just behind of him Norbert 444 (Tsjerk 328P x Hearke 254P), son of Tsjerk Preferent. After emotional "battle" the best stallion won and youth is in the lead!

Uldrik and Norbert had to compete with 13 other stallions in the championship judging: Anders, Tymon, Stendert, Maurus, Maurits, Jerke, Jense, Haitse, Gjalt, Beart, Aan, Wikke and Wobke. 7 stallions went out very quickly: Gjalt, Jerke, Jense, Stendert, Wobke, Wikke i Aan. Judges gave the chance for Haitse, Beart and Maurus to present themselves in trot. Haitse and Beart didn't showed their best... Maurus was almost as good as last year but obviously not good enough. Finally the group was reduced to Maurus, Norbert, Uldrik and Tymon. As an inspector said Uldrik made the show and got better and better at the championkeuring, he kept going from the hind to the front with a beautiful use of his frontlegs and a powerful backhind... and I gave him the Champion title. Norbert showed a fantastic use of his hindlegs with great airtime and was putted behind Uldrik.

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During the Stallion Inspection young stallions were choosed for riding and driving tests, which can give them, if they will be good enough, breeding privileges. 21 stallions went through selection: 


30 Wilco B. (Fetse 349 x Olof 315)
39 Ylberth K.V. (Ielke 382 x Brandus 345)
48 Waltman van de Smederij (Jasper 366 x Wypke 277)
64 Ysbrand (Onne 376 x Feitse 293)

YlberthWaltman van de SmederijYsbrand
79 Ytsen H. (Rindert 406 x Teunis 332)
103 Wessel fan Ikkerwâld (Ulbert 390 x Jakob 302)
118 Ysbrand fan de Ketting (Time 398 x Anton 343)

Ytsen H.Wessel fan IkkerwâldYsbrand f/d Ketting
139 Ylmer Poll (Wikke 404 x Ielke 382)
158 Wilrik fan Synaeda (Beart 411 x Piter 312)
167 Winbald fan Synaeda (Beart 411 x Oepke 266)

Ylmer PollWilrik fan SynaedaWinbald fan Synaeda
171 Wiebe K. (Arjen 417 x Oege 267)
219 Wessel (Doaitsen 420 x Jakob 302)
224 Yerke van de Wiske Hoeve (Doaitsen 420 x Jorrit 363)

Wiebe K.WesselYerke van de Wiske Hoeve
227 Wykle fan Fryske State (Felle 422 x Olof 315)
258 Wiboud fan 'e Homar (Haitse 425 x Nykle 309)
277 Ywalt van de Demro stables (Gjalt 426 x Teunis 332)

Wykle fan Fryske StateWiboud fan 'e HomarYwalt van de Demro stables
310 Tieleman van de Zonschate (Onne 376 x Feitse 293)
320 Tiede van Coudenburgh (Tsjalke 397 x Anton 343)
326 Tymon fan Bloemhof (Beart 411 x Ulke 338)

Tieleman van de ZonschateTiede van CoudenburghTymon fan Bloemhof
339 Tide (Aan 416 x Sierk 326)
341 Urbanus van ’t Soeskeshof (Doaitsen 420 x Fetse 349)

TideUrbanus van ’t SoeskeshofHK 2010
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