Friesian horse names

If you have Friesian foal born, you have to know the FPS naming rules. They're different than for other studbooks! Each calendar year foal names must begin with specific letters of the alphabet. Nowadays this rule is simple, it's enough to have a look on mobile phone's buttons. They have usually 3 letters each (except button with 7 and 9- they have 4 letters). Each year names begin with letters from particular button.
źrebak fryzyjski

So following this rule foals born this year (2009) must have names beginning with d, e or f. For example colt born in 2009 may be named Danjel, Erik or Frank. Names do not have to be traditional (Friesian) but it's nice to use them to emphasis the horse's breed!

FPS won't allow duplicate names within the same year for fillies. So it's better to make sure FPS won't change the name you choose on random one!

You can use the old Friesian breeders trick adding the first letter of your last name. Elke S. would be a filly born in 2009 bred by a breeder called Smith. You can also add to the filly name it's dam name, for example Elke Marijke would be a doughter of mare Marijke. Various additional names may follow the desired name, but they have to be relative simple!
Some owners like to have the name of their farm follow their horses' names. If an owner wants to have the exclusive right to use a specific farm name in registering their horses, the name can be reserved by paying a fee to the FPS.

Once a name is processed by the FPS, it cannot be changed. Only one exception concerns studbook stallions. At the time the stallion is entered into the Studbook for Stallions he receive unique Friesian name and he is also assigned the next consecutive Studbook number.

Friesian naming system let you also to guess easily age of the horse. You can use the key or count it.

Letters That Began Names Each Year:

2010 GHI
2009 DEF
2008 ABC
2007 WXYZ
2006 TUV
2005 PQRS
2004 MNO
2003 JKL
2002 GHI
2001 DEF
2000 ABC
1999 WXYZ
1998 TUV
1997 PQRS
1996 MNO
1995 JKL
1994 GHI
1993 DEF
1992 ABC
1991 WXYZ
1990 TUV
1989 QRS
1988 OP
1987 MN
1986 KL
1985 IJ
1984 GH
1983 EF
1982 CD
1981 AB
1980 VW
1979 TU
1978 QRS
1977 OP
1976 MN
1975 KL
1974 IJ
1973 GH
1972 EF
1971 CD
1970 AB


Friesian names for 2009:

Fillies- Dautsje, Dielke, Dine, Dirkje, Djouke, Dryske, Dufke, Eabel, Eau, Ebel, Eefje, Eida, Elkje, Emma, Falke, Fardau, Femke, Femma, Floriske, Fokje, Franke, Freuke, Frida, Frieske.

Colts- Daan, Danjel, Dimer, Djurre, Douwe, Drewis, Drys, Ebe, Eemke, Eger, Eibe, Eilard, Elart, Elias, Eling, Emke, Engle, Evert, Falk, Fedrik, Fin, Floris, Foppe, Frank,m Fries.

Web site whe you can find some examples of Friesian names: friese paarden namen


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